10. Conclusion

The Qur’an in many of its verses enjoins Muslims to study nature and to learn from it. These verses once inspired Muslims to cultivate science. Great strides were made not only in different branches of science, but also in astronomy during the glorious years of Islam. It is also a fact that modern science has helped enormously in the interpretation of certain misunderstood or till now badly interpreted verses from the Qur’an. Dr. Bucaille has shown from his researches that the Qur’an does not contain a single passage that contradicts modern science (Ref: 4). One must remember that our Prophet (PBUH) in his lifetime had no choice, but to depend on the first visibility of the Moon. It must be borne in mind that the uncertainty caused by adhering to the visibility of the Moon causes enormous difficulties for people in various parts of the world and in different walks of life. Using Conjunction as a reference, it would be relatively easy to work out an acceptable Islamic Calendar which would avoid our present dilemma, particularly as we have no hesitation in using astronomical tables for prayer and fasting times. Islam is an active religion for people of all times and to make it static by accepting crude interpretations can only lead to confusion and division (as seen among modern Muslims) which only takes us further and further from the truth and the universality of our faith.